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  Advertise b/w Eye Movement by Special People

Advertise  b/w Eye Movement cover art

Artist: Special People
Title: Advertise b/w Eye Movement
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2012

There’s a Baltimore sound and it is one of lo-fi guitars layered up to near hypnotic suggestion and Special People seen determined to make lemmings of us all with their debut single “Advertise”.

Although “Advertise” kicks off with choppy guitar riffs and distant distorted vocals, the song then takes a deep dive into the Pacific ocean for an is-it-swimming-or-is-it-drowning interlude and then enjoys one of those illegal smoke things whence you are abruptly returned to the urban wasteland. If you’ve got to make some noise then this is the way to do it as the retro melody scientifically counterpoints the volume. Two things.in one place at all times and yet not.

On the flipside – for this is vinyl - “Eye Movement” is thematically similar but stays muscular the whole way through with the counterpoint this time being something more akin to pure grunge. Not so much a song as a runaway train then.

This single is a limited edition run of 250 and you can get a copy from the band’s website.

Review Date: July 8, 2012