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  I-Deal Dreams by I-Deal Dreams

I-Deal Dreams cover art

Artist: I-Deal Dreams
Title: I-Deal Dreams
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2012

It is actually quite refreshing to hear some music that hasn’t had the life processed right out of it and Greek rock band I-Deal Dreams have indeed taken the rough and ready route with their self-titled EP.

It doesn’t get more rough and ready than “Guilty As Charged” as the band power up the rockstar riffs and attempts to short circuit them with pure sixties psychedelia and endearing, if untidy, female vocals. That pattern of general untidyness continues through the rest of EP with “3 Years Ago”, in particular, sounding like a victory of enthusiasm over skill. The important thing, though, is that very enthusiasm. It is infused and transfused into every song so, even in the cod pomp rock of “Discard”, you want to stick with the song and see how – or, indeed, if, it works out and I-Deal Dreams are to be commended for keeping the music alive throughout these five tracks.

Rather strangely given the band’s energy , you get a whole bundle of terminally dull, for the most part  heavily sequenced DJ remixes with this EP with only the wondrously musclebound remix by Dedukk of “3 Years Ago” capturing the spirit of the song.

So while you may have to be in love with the lo-fi vibe to appreciate I-Deal Dreams on the evidence of this EP, they still have more life in them than most bands. The EP is a free download from the band's website.

Review Date: July 4, 2012