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  Shine On by Stevie McLardie

Shine On cover art

Artist: Stevie McLardie
Title: Shine On
Catalogue Number: Fraz Records FRAZMC1
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

Sometimes even I get the urge to research when writing words upon some luckless musician’s artistic statement and, this time around, it would seem that Stevie McLardie is doing his thing for a good cause (in this case The Accord Hospice in Paisley). Karma is therefore in the right place but how about the music?

Fortunately, this five song EP has distinct musical merit. Seventies country rock is the style but it has been done this time with the right balance of affection and revivalism. “Shine On”, in particular, sounds like it has been transported directly through time and then seasoned nicely with Willie Gamble’s pedal steel to make it special. Stevie McLardie’s voice sounds just about right throughout and he easily transcends the trap of pub rock mediocrity with “The Kindness of Strangers” standing out as the song most thoroughly marked with the stamp of authenticity.

Ace Glasgow session guitarist Fraser John Lindsay acquits himself well in his role as producer and with the underrated Lynsey Dolan on backing vocals, this EP makes for an enjoyable listening experience. Stevie McLardie definitely has his heart in the right place.

Review Date: June 24, 2012