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  Thick As Thieves by Larkin Poe

Thick As Thieves cover art

Artist: Larkin Poe
Title: Thick As Thieves
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2012

If you don’t know them yet, Larkin Poe comprise of two sisters from Calhoun, Georgia, who play a delightfully cute, yet dexterous brand of Americana. Or, that was how I remembered them. “Thick as Thieves” sees the girls let their hair down, adding a guitar-heavy approach to their usual charming approach. The end result, however, is much as I’ve come to expect from Larkin Poe: rather good.

“Fox” and “Play On” give much greater consideration to percussion than is required – perhaps as a result of Marlon Patton’s production and engineering role. However, this can be pardoned if we accept that Larkin Poe have adopted a full band. “Love or Money” (and the liner notes!) suggest this is the case.
“Celebrate” starts with a riff worthy of an Allman Brothers record, before cooling into a rather tepid ‘70s rock affair. Markedly different to the Larkin Poe of old; mandolin is used sparingly, while electric guitar is prominent throughout. This being said, Rick Lollar delivers some delightful licks – “On The Fritz” is a pleasant departure from the southern rock inclination.
While this album symbolises a “growing up” period for the girls, it should be recognised also as a transitionary album. Musically, the album is awkward at times, but Rebecca’s vocals, as well as the harmonies, are not to be faulted.
The album ends on “Russian Roulette,” a song which borrows slightly from “Eleanor Rigby,” a song which I’ve always preferred to hear a woman sing. However, this song – as with all others – is composed and written by the Lovell Sisters, and hugely likeable in its own right.

Fans will do well to seek out the Special Edition DVD, featuring Larkin Poe in concert in Stongfjorden, Norway. Don’t worry. By the end of the concert, knowing how to pronounce Stongfjorden will be the least of your concerns.

Review Date: June 13, 2012