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  21st Century Redemption Songs by Unquiet Nights

21st Century Redemption Songs cover art

Artist: Unquiet Nights
Title: 21st Century Redemption Songs
Catalogue Number: Essential Credential
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2011

One for my baby and one for the road. Two drinks past common sense and normal practice and I’m getting to like indie rock. Well, not all indie rock nor even most of it but the polished and professional version put up for your delectation by Irish band Unquiet Nights.

Although the standard influences of such bands are present and correct, Unquiet Nights are a whole different ball game from the usual crank it loud and play three chords indie rockers. For one thing, their album “21st Century Redemption Songs” is chock full of proper songs complete with those oft forgotten essentials for memory retention like hooks and melodies. Performance wise, the band show a not inconsiderable style and maturity whether drawing on the eighties (“If I Could And You Ever Would”) or going all mid-Atlantic (“We Were Ones”) with Luke Mather’s vocals and multi layered guitars stamping a sonic authority on proceedings and the end result is a truly enjoyable album.

So, as I am singing along to “Shoulda Said Something”, I pause to ponder the now obvious question. Why do other indie rock bands not sound as good as Unquiet Nights?

“21st Century Redemption Songs” is available from BandCamp.
Review Date: February 12 2012