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  A Simple Music For A Simple Public by RWM

A Simple Music For A Simple Public cover art

Artist: RWM
Title: A Simple Music For A Simple Public
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2011

Formerly of much lauded – at least by me anyway – Glasgow band Seminole is Bobby Mullarkey and he has now released a solo album under the alias of RWM and going by the rather curious name of “A Simple Music For A Simple Public”. So, is this going to be Seminole part 2 or has he gone off in a different direction?

Bobby Mullarkey, fortunately, hasn’t abandoned complexity or imagination for this album but his purpose is sometimes unclear. There are times when he seems to be off on a Coldplay trip – there are even interludes on this album– and times when he hits the psych rock groove in a manner that would befit a concept album. However, he is always a class act with “BM” summarising internal conflict in a convincing manner and the power chord meets the ethereal impact of “Saint Mary” hitting harder than a Swedish metal band could. If you are looking for the heavy hitter, the star track here is the somewhat incongruous in the context of the album but nonetheless the essence of pop magnificence “Gartnavel”.

I’ve got to say  that the album stumbles more than once and really needs to be absorbed over a period of time to be appreciated but it is the kind of album that shines the light of hope on the Scottish music scene. “A Simple Music For A Simple Public” is a dark thing that suggests both a downward spiral and subsequent redemption and is, consequently, not for all tastes but those who venture into its shadows will, however, find much of value.

Review Date: June 6, 2013