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  Chris Blair, David Bova and Rick Redbeard live at Liquid Ship in Glasgow

Another Thursday, another review. Another bar, another drink. Seeking once more the piece and tranquillity that only music can provide, the Bluesbunny seeks out another Free Candy Session. On the bill tonight are Chris Blair, David Bova and Rick Redbeard.

Chris Blair is first on stage and sets the tone for the evening. Despite his modesty - at one point he claims that he is going to play one of his own compositions as, that way, his guitar does not have to be in tune - he proves to be an enjoyable performer even though he doesn't have any happy songs. He has, however, brought along some of his family to provide moral support. Their enthusiastic support drives him on and we become steadily more impressed as he works through his set. Seeking something more upbeat than his usual introspective songs, he draws on songs he has written over the last 10 years. Expressing inner torment does seem to be what he does best but certainly well worth a listen.

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Next up is David Bova (aka Acousticbug). Opening with "Comfort" causes us to have a thought. Bluesbunny has little need for thought during the course of a normal day but a thought we had so we will share it. Some musicians have a curious otherworldly feel to their music; almost as if they are on a slightly different plane of existence from the rest of us. You remember your school days and being taught poetry (and immediately developing a lifelong hatred of any form of the creative use of language). There was this poet called something like Wordsworth who would muse about wandering lonely as a cloud. Bluesbunny was never entirely sure what he meant until now. It is not the actual words but the feelings or emotions that those words can convey. It is also the case with our Mr Bova's lyrics, especially on "Where did the Moonlight Go?" By the time he finished his set with "To the Sky" with its decidedly tragic and melancholy lyrics, this Bluesbunny actually felt uplifted by it all. Strange but true and you should all make the effort to catch him perform live.

Rick Redbeard takes to the stage next. Bluesbunny has seen him solo before and he has brought that fine red guitar with him again. He has also brought his sister Josephine this evening. Brother and sister harmonies can be particularly effective and this is indeed proves to be the case. Rick's laconic delivery banishes all thoughts of sugary pop siblings like the Carpenters and got us thinking more along the lines of Nancy & Lee instead. Josephine's harmonies were the perfect accompaniment to his immaculate but understated musicianship too. Finishing with a dry tale of fatal attraction in "Anywhere I Can", it seems that we have a surfeit of musical poets tonight at the Liquid Ship. Rick Redbeard is rather less ethereal than David Bova but he has the same haunting quality that makes you pause for thought.

The soul of the Bluesbunny has been soothed by the fine music that he has heard tonight. The stomach of the Bluesbunny will soon also be soothed by some fried food on the way home. Mission accomplished.

Review Date: July 26 2007