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  Katy Moffatt, John Hinshelwood and Sandra Gellatly live at The Village in Leith

When it comes down to it, Edinburgh isn't all that bad. It may have long, winding streets, in which unfortunate Glaswegians are bound to get lost, but it also has pubs. Eventually, I found the right place. Of course, Leith isn't really regarded as Edinburgh. Katy Moffatt entertained the good people at the Leith Folk Club.

Fresh off the release of their new CD, "Shattered Pleasures", John Hinshelwood and Sandra Gellatly were first to entertain. Accompanied by an extremely focused lead guitarist, John and Sandra played out a fine set of country-tinged folk. John was in good humour and made sure to inflict it on his audience. The set ended on "Say What You Mean" but most in attendance would have agreed that they could have played on longer had time not been a factor. Most enjoyable.

And so came Katy Moffatt. Beginning with "Amelia's Railroad Flat", Katy assumed control of the room. Hardly surprising considering the emotional strength of her voice. It can be hard to imagine that such emotion can be stirred by one woman and a guitar but that's all it took. 
It came as little surprise that many in the audience were already familiar with the music of Katy Moffatt. However, it was only when Katy asked for requests that it truly became apparent. An awed silence was in place throughout Katy's set, to be interrupted only by the standard applause and said requests. Tracks from her latest release, "Fewer Things", were given airing as well as songs from albums such as Midnight Radio" and "The Greatest Show On Earth" - an album which sold more than Garth Brooks in the UK country charts.

"Folk clubs", as they're known, exist for shows of this calibre. Acts like Katy ought to be seen, so praise is due to the Leith Folk Club for ensuring that the word got out and people turned out for what was truly an excellent evening that could have lasted all night had it not been for the mercy of a loving crowd and the Scottish licensing laws.

Time to bolt for the last train back to Glasgow. Meep Meep!

Review Date: November 3, 2009


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