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  Red Gap live at The Golden Lion in Lancaster

Lancaster Music Festival (part 3…)

There’s that whole north south thing to consider. Not the north south economic divide thing but the north south thing on the map. I’ve got a street map of Lancaster and that should be enough to let me find my way about. It would be if I knew which way was north. Tip from the top – if you don’t know where you are and can’t find where you are going then turn the map upside down. You’ll no doubt find you are a lot closer to your destination than you thought you were. Much as in life.

And so into the Golden Lion we go.  I can hear music. Sweet, sweet music. Distracted but for a moment, I nearly forget about beer. However, the autopilot cuts in and orders a pint of Black Sheep ale. Red Gap are playing in the back of the bar. Let’s call it an alcove for that is what it is. The band are from the Isle of Man and it sounds like the Isle of Man is a lot closer to the west coast of America than I remember from geography lessons in school. They’re going down well with the audience with wry inter song banter and, after a few of their own songs, a tasteful plundering of the Eagles’ back catalogue.  What is clearer than those exquisite harmonies is that Red Gap are too good to be just a covers band playing in an alcove.

Singer Joanne Earner has one of those voices that haunt you. There’s vocal power on show but also great control and – dare I say it – an elegance that distinguishes her from the pretenders, the also-rans in the great musical melee of life. She’ll turn your head away from the one you love, make you forget your troubles, make you put down your beer or maybe even drive you to drink. Two songs in and my alcoholic fog has lifted. I feel the warm breeze off the Pacific Ocean. I watch as that self same breeze blows her raven hair off her shoulders. But the sun has set and it’s time to go.

Review Date: October 10, 2009


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