Live Reviews

  The Foghorns, Benni Hemm Hemm and Mike Nisbet live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

So I had this plan. Words had to be written after all. The reviewer cancelled so the biggest baddest Bluesbunny dragged himself out of his cave once more and dragged his knuckles in the general direction of Pivo Pivo. Even remembered a pen.

One man and a guitar was on stage keeping company with some strident harmonica. Thought the sound guy had pressed the unintelligibility button until I remembered that Benni Hemm Hemm sings in Icelandic. That's nothing to do with frozen peas, by the way. He kind of reminded me of Ned Collette with that same sense of melancholy infused with melody. Undoubtedly an acquired taste but by the end of his set I was definitely getting there.

Rather more commercial -let's be honest, a lot more commercial - were The Foghorns. Hailing from Seattle, they showed that easy going confidence that American bands seem to have even when performing in front of a distinctly sparse audience. Brad and Katie were convincing in every way with the somewhat deranged drinking song "Brooklyn Bridge" stealing the show for me. Even the lack of a crowd couldn't stop me from singing along with that one.

Last on was the local talent. Mike Nisbet does the one man and guitar thing fairly well but does the one man and a piano thing a lot better.  For one thing, he doesn't sound local when he is behind the keyboard and comes across like Damien Rice with the addition of some balls. You can't doubt his confidence either even though I reckon a fairly robust chipmunk could out drink him. Worth watching out for, however.

An early finish tonight but I'll say The Foghorns were well worth the journey. The barmaid (sorry, I meant bartender for this is the 21st century…) passed the Sailor Jerry test so I shall consider falling in love with her. That or get some chicken pakora.


Review Date: August 6 2009