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  Bo Deadly, Betatone Distraction, Kick to Kill and Rats of the Capital live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

And a voice from the skies boomed out "Go forth in to the basement not so young man as the light is too bright for you out here". And the voice (one of many…) inside my head said "Get yourself a pint of Krusovice while you're down there. You deserve it". Amen to that!

Having descended into that basement there, fortunately, was more to do than accelerate my alcoholic demise. There was music from Bo Deadly for a start. Good music at that. For a band with only three members, they certainly had no shortage of ideas or decent tunes. A bit like XTC crossed with Apples in Stereo, they added punk (British style) guitar licks, the odd touch of jazz funk and a splash of humour to their thoroughly enjoyable set.

Somewhat gloomier were Betatone Distraction. Dark laconic vocals were added to a cocktail of rambling indie rock and eighties synthesiser music. Not an uninteresting combination but they seemed somewhat dull and flat after the buoyant Bo Deadly.

Kick to Kill, however, picked the pace right up. Whilst still firmly at the shadowy end of the indie rock, they showed a focussed intensity that soon captured my attention. It was easy to see where the Joy Division comparisons come from but David Cook's vocal and fretboard skills also reminded me of another band - our own Goodbye Mr Mackenzie. The difference between this band and any other synth driven shoegazer band? Kick to Kill pack an emotional charge into their performance. Very worthy indeed.

Last up were Rats of the Capital. A mellow threesome that supplied the kind of smooth, almost jazzy, instrumental music to send you back out into the night with only peace and tranquillity in your mind. And an overwhelming desire for fried food.

Review Date: July 23, 2009


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