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  Sharon King, Susanna MacDonald and Iain MacKinnon live at The Liquid Ship in Glasgow

There are things a man needs. Things like beer, chicken pakora and free candy. Ah, free candy! Guided by God - or at least to avoid a threatening black cloud He had sent after me - I dived into the basement of The Liquid Ship.  A Free Candy Session was in progress. Hickory smoked words would surely follow.

Sharon King is from Edinburgh. She tells us she has just finished her new album and is seeking respite in the west coast. Many felons and miscreants have had the same idea in the past but Ms King proves an honest performer. However, a curious feeling of melancholy pervades her performance. Maybe she is emotionally drained after the many hours in the studio. Maybe that's just the way she is.

Also from Edinburgh is Susanna Macdonald but she's cut from a different cloth. Her musical flame burns with an intensity not often seen for a start. She's theatrical yet she seems warm and approachable. Then sometimes she's a bit scary. Her songs are complex and her voice stays with you long after the last note was sung. In a world full of anodyne songwriters and over hyped karaoke singers, Susanna MacDonald is a wonder to behold. I'm thinking of declaring her a national treasure.

Iain McKinnon is a smart man. Although he's been off the Glasgow circuit for a bit, he knows how to judge a crowd and wisely decides to go for an up-tempo set made up of covers and his own material. "Letting Go of You" stood out but the cover of "Promises" (originally done by Eric Clapton) was an inspired choice too. It was good to see him back on the stage.

There's barbeque smoke in the air and I've run out of charcoal. That's all folks!


Review Date: July 16, 2009


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