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  Woodenbox, Wilson Tan and The Parsonage live at King Tuts in Glasgow

The other day I was walking through Central Station when a pretty personality girl offered me a free lime. I wish I had taken her up on the offer for the bar at King Tuts ran out of those fruits leaving the Sailor Jerry's and coke altogether unsatisfying. But to the musical events of the evening…

Saturday night's alright for fighting (or so the song goes) but such displays of aggressive behaviour would be banished from your mind after a listen to The Parsonage. For this choir - yes, a choir - deliver a mellowing take on the songs of such luminaries as Gram Parsons and Loretta Lynn. The other advantage of being a choir is that you have the manpower/womanpower to bypass the need for the murky King Tuts' sound system.

Now, I've seen Wilson Tan before and had considered their faux country ways a viable form of musical entertainment. Tonight, however, they were not at their best and gave an unconvincing performance. Perhaps they were hampered by the infamous foggy sound of this particular venue but then again perhaps not.

If there ever was a band to shine like a lighthouse through the fog it would be Woodenbox (with a Fistful of Fivers). That's exactly what happened and front man Ali Downer had more effervescence than a Sunday morning Alka-Seltzer. Indeed, the whole band truly rocked the house while their songs overwhelmed you with warmth and joy. Not that they are fizzy pop, of course. They are a man's drink. A drink that reaches all the way to your soul. The band's first single "Hang the Noose" is out now. That'll give you something worthwhile to do on Monday.

Review Date: June 13, 2009


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