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  Lifestyle by OQ

Lifestyle cover art


Not entirely sure what Milwaukee is actually famous for- possibly beer? - but “Lifestyle” by OQ might just get that city some more exposure with pulsating rhythms, folk influences and the odd touch of the avant-garde giving this meandering song purpose.

Review date:  December 15, 2018

  Kiss Me At Midnight by Nominjin

Kiss Me At Midnight cover art

Retro smoth

Nominjin resurrects those old school jazz funk influences and duly populates her song “Kiss Me At Midnight” with retro dancefloor appeal and Even the mid song rap can’t stop me from drawing comparisons with the deity that is Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Review date:  December 15, 2018

  The Original Ghost by Charlie Melrose

The Original Ghost cover art


Commercial and none the worse for that, Charlie Melrose cleverly stays within the sonic boundaries of the modern day electro pop genre whilst simultaneously displaying a talent for hiding deeper messages within the confines of her lyrics. A worthy approach, for sure.

Review date:  December 15, 2018

  Won’t Let Me Home by Kieran Hughes

Won’t Let Me Home cover art


Whist purposely overdosing on lo-fi grunge, Kieran Hughes nevertheless strikes his axe in all the right places to turn “Won’t Let Me Home” into a suitably bleak and bluesy way to keep your beer company on those cold winter nights. This is the in tune for a twisted soul.

Review date:  December 15, 2018

  Tea and Toast by Hooby and the Yabbit

Tea and Toast cover art


Suitably honest and direct, Hooby and the Yabbit tell it like it is with “Tea and Toast” resonating with the robustness that only beer, the blues and guitars can bring. Whilst not breaking new ground, it is nonetheless abundantly clear that this is a Saturday night soundtrack.

Review date:  December 7, 2018

  Smokestack Lightnin by ElectroBluesSociety

Smokestack Lightnin cover art


The blues is always where it is at and ElectroBluesSociety have, once again, drafted in Boo Boo Davis to turn their respectful cover of “Smokestack Lightnin” into something organic and timeless. It is all done right and that’s a fact.

Review date:  December 7, 2018

  Lessons by Sinead Harnett

Lessons cover art


I suppose that you could categorise “Lessons” by Sinead Harnett as almost old school in terms of the modern day urban genre, but she has a voice that is easily capable of adding what they used to call soul to the lyrics. She knows how to make it real.

Review date:  December 7, 2018

  Saturday Night by The Treble

Saturday Night cover art


A nice slice from the indie rock cake, “Saturday Night” demonstrates that The Treble know what is expected of them and, with the addition of some crowd pleasing lyrics and a suitably big chorus, successfully set course for radio play.

Review date:  December 7, 2018

  Blue Satin by ANNA VR

Blue Satin cover art


Whilst the dance floor roots of the song remain, the relaxed pacing allows “Blue Satin” to develop rather more atmospheric camouflage than such electronic creations usually do. ANNA VR clearly has more class and ambition than most of her contemporaries.

Review date:  December 7, 2018

  Spinning Jenny by Every Kid Knows

Spinning Jenny cover art


Retro is the future and, duly, Every Kid Knows head all the way back to a long forgotten, flower powered time when “Spinning Jenny” would have been a radio anthem. Times may have changed but a good song will always be a good song.

Review date:  December 7, 2018

  Naked Blue by Kakkmaddafakka

Naked Blue cover art


Norwegian indie rock seems to be rather more uplifting than the version that we get in this country with Kakkmaddafakka using their song “Naked Blue” to capture the spirit of warmer days and duly raise our spirits in these dull December days.

Review date:  December 2, 2018

  Broken by Solå

Broken cover art


There isn’t really very much to “Broken” but, in her own wistful electro pop way, Solå soon nuzzles her way into your affections and duly justifies her place on your daily playlist. She kind of reminded me of Virna Lindt so I reckon she must be super cool too.

Review date:  December 2, 2018

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