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Artists Date  
Something Someone, Dirty Diamond and the Gunslinger and Declan Welsh at Broadcast, Glasgow Nov 6, 2015 Read Review ►
My Baby, The Rivers and Dixie Fried at King Tuts, Glasgow Oct 30, 2015 Read Review ►
Gordon’s Alive at Rockus, Glasgow Oct 16, 2015 Read Review ►
St Deluxe, Laura St Jude and The Rivers at Broadcast, Glasgow Aug 1, 2015 Read Review ►
Fyre & Reign, Nyko Morgan, Caitlin McKenna, John Mackay and Doug Gibson at Kitty O'Sheas, Glasgow Jul 13, 2015 Read Review ►
Laurie Cameron and Turning Plates at Stereo, Glasgow Jul 11, 2015 Read Review ►
Outblinker and Zyna Hel at Stereo, Glasgow Jun 13, 2015 Read Review ►
Verse Metrics, Black International, Gaze is Ghost and Genesee at Broadcast, Glasgow Jun 9, 2015 Read Review ►
Colleen Green, The Pooches and Breakfast Muff at Broadcast, Glasgow May 26, 2015 Read Review ►
Annabelle Chvostek and John McMeechan at The Admiral, Glasgow May 19, 2015 Read Review ►
Moon King, Lylo and Adam Ross at Broadcast, Glasgow May 17, 2015 Read Review ►
Voodoo Mind Control, Saint Sécaire and The Fnords at The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow May 14, 2015 Read Review ►
AC Rid, the Victor Pope Band and Simon Patchett at Bannermans, Edinburgh May 6, 2015 Read Review ►
Mairi Fenella, Patersani, Broxi, Jodie Pollock and Chris Brooks at Kitty O'Sheas, Glasgow Apr 20, 2015 Read Review ►
Ela Orleans, Sacred Paws and Howie B at Stereo, Glasgow Apr 17, 2015 Read Review ►
Jodie Pollock, The Dreaded Lurgi, Funf, Daniel Forrest and Doug at Kitty O'Sheas, Glasgow Apr 13, 2015 Read Review ►
Ruarri Joseph, Polly Barrett, Ross Mitchell and Jemma-Kate at Audio, Glasgow Apr 11, 2015 Read Review ►
Tidens Tann, Twin Heart, Artie Ziff, Thula Borah and Wasted Years at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow Apr 3, 2015 Read Review ►
Big Hogg, Sloth Metropolis and James Rodgers at Stereo, Glasgow Apr 2, 2015 Read Review ►
Something Someone, Daisywheels, and Chiara Berardelli at Sweeneys on the Park, Glasgow Mar 19, 2015 Read Review ►
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