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Artists Date  
Something Someone, Daisywheels, and Chiara Berardelli at Sweeneys on the Park, Glasgow Mar 19, 2015 Read Review ►
The Razorbills, Looking For Lola and The Colour of Whisky at Stereo, Glasgow Jan 16, 2015 Read Review ►
The Sinking Feeling, Antique Pony, Herbert Powell and Flakes at The 13th Note, Glasgow Jan 15, 2015 Read Review ►
Junebug, Pariah Soul and Delgetti at King Tuts, Glasgow Jan 10, 2015 Read Review ►
Laetitia Sadier and Jane Weaver at Broadcast, Glasgow Dec 13, 2014 Read Review ►
The Amorettes, Manta and The Bawlers at King Tuts, Glasgow Dec 12, 2014 Read Review ►
Haight-Ashbury. Old Bohemia and Anton & The Colts at King Tuts, Glasgow Dec 11, 2014 Read Review ►
Jack and The’ and Angus Munro at Broadcast, Glasgow Dec 8, 2014 Read Review ►
Sophie Rogers and Something Someone at Stereo, Glasgow Dec 4, 2014 Read Review ►
Deers and Quiet As A Mouse at Broadcast, Glasgow Nov 26, 2014 Read Review ►
Lily and Madeleine, Celine Brooks and Shannon Hayden at Broadcast, Glasgow Nov 24, 2014 Read Review ►
Cara Mitchell, Nigel Thomas, Josie Rose and The Glass Roots at Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow Nov 20, 2014 Read Review ►
Something Someone, Miss Irenie Rose, Jason Riddell, Sophie Rogers and Black and White Boy at Broadcast, Glasgow Nov 10, 2014 Read Review ►
Junebug, Melody Says, Heather Young and James Morgan at Broadcast, Glasgow Nov 3, 2014 Read Review ►
The Courtesans, Seraph Sin, Splintered Halo and Aperture at Audio, Glasgow Oct 31, 2014 Read Review ►
GoodCopGreatCop, Let Love Rule, The Scabby Queen, Ali Robertson and Hand Crafted at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Oct 29, 2014 Read Review ►
Junebug, Codist and Kung Fu Academy at Nice n Sleazy, Glasgow Oct 25, 2014 Read Review ►
Aces N’ Eights, Lanterns, Artificial RED and After-Hyde at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Oct 21, 2014 Read Review ►
Precious Few, Steve J Ward, Patrick Shand, Blitz Spirit and John Mason at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Oct 14, 2014 Read Review ►
Matt Henshaw, Calum Campbell, Jack Hinks, Jemma-Kate and Old Bohemia at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Oct 7, 2014 Read Review ►
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