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Precious Few, Steve J Ward, Patrick Shand, The Blitz Spirit and John Mason at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Oct 14 2014 Read Review ►
Matt Henshaw, Calum Campbell, Jack Hinks, Jemma-Kate and Old Bohemia at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Oct 7 2014 Read Review ►
Kobra and the Lotus and The King Lot at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow Sep 26 2014 Read Review ►
The Dirty Suits, The Mavis Project and The Iqons at The Hard Rock Cafe, Glasgow Sep 24 2014 Read Review ►
Bone Cult, Maps of Michigan and Mick Flaherty at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Sep 23 2014 Read Review ►
Crooked Little Sons, The Heathen Club and Jamie Flett and The Flaming Jets at The 13th Note, Glasgow Sep 22 2014 Read Review ►
Holy Esque, The Lapelles and The Ninth Wave at Stereo, Glasgow Sep 5 2014 Read Review ►
Marissa Nadler and Le Thug at Broadcast, Glasgow Sep 4 2014 Read Review ►
Empire By Day, Beckett, Long Day Living and Cheryl Brown at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Sep 3 2014 Read Review ►
Courtney Lynn, The Palmiros and Edward Cane at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Sep 2 2014 Read Review ►
Sweaty Palms, The Beard of Zu and Phases at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow Aug 26 2014 Read Review ►
Apache Darling, Atom Tree and Asthmatic Astronaut at Broadcast, Glasgow Aug 23 2014 Read Review ►
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