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  Lost by Raffaella Piccirillo

Lost cover art


It is a fact that there is no shortage of acoustic singer songwriters but Raffaella Piccirillo manages to distinguish herself with a delightfully accented and somewhat theatrical vocal style and a generally spirited approach to the performance of her song “Lost”

  Dry Bones by Seasonal Beast

Dry Bones cover art


Classy if downbeat, Seasonal Beast make the most of the wistful voice of Yuli Beeri by placing it carefully and ceremoniously on top of their sensitively arranged piano led song “Dry Bones”. Definitely better than the rest.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

  Brutocracy by The Dayz

Brutocracy cover art

Making it

Not sure if this is meant to be satire of the style and times of the late seventies updated for the 21st century but New York’s The Dayz nonetheless ramble successfully through their song “Brutocracy”. It was the time and it is the time and it will be the time.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

  Tremors by Turtle Farm

Tremors cover art


There is something endearing about Turtle Farm’s song “Tremors” even if, like all lo-fi electronica, it sounds as if it should be on the soundtrack to some Italian horror movie from the eighties.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

  Weightless by Anna Tosh

Weightless cover art

Down the line

Nice, if repetitive, slice of power pop from Anna Tosh with “Weightless” just managing to cross the border into the land of the hypnotic whilst still making it look effortless.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

  Magic by Amy Stroup

Magic cover art


Amy Stroup energises the sequenced loops of “Magic” with hypnotic precision and the kind of edgy vocals that are infused with a combination of world weariness and heart driven observation. Too cool for school perhaps but plenty cool enough for the street.

Review date:  July 15, 2017

  Savannah Only Temple by Indytronics

Savannah Only Temple cover art

Indie smarts

Apparently from the Ukraine but you would never guess from their solid grasp of American style indie rock, Indytronics strut their stuff with a respectable degree of confidence and charm whilst the cascading guitars gently weep all over their song “Savannah Only Temple”.

Review date:  July 15, 2017

  Messy by DeQn Sue

Messy cover art

Urban style

Somewhat playful in her approach and harking back knowingly to the early days of the urban genre, Deqn Sue is undoubtedly easy on the ear while still easily managing to take her song “Messy” for a rewarding walk along the yellow brick road. I feel the need to give this one two thumbs up.

Review date:  July 15, 2017

  Technicolour Native by JR Green

Technicolour Native cover art


Gaelic was always the first choice language of the dirge and JR Green, being from Scotland, have applied that very conceptual approach to their song “Technicolour Native” with the result being replete with one note irony.

Review date:  July 15, 2017

  Constipated by Trolleberg

Constipated cover art


Swedish pop music with female lead vocals and solid American style influences might perhaps sound unappetising but there is singalong ear candy aplenty within the bounds of Trolleberg’s song “Constipated”.

Review date:  July 9, 2017

  Givers & Takers by Dave Arcari

Givers & Takers cover art


No matter how you look at it, Dave Arcari and only an acoustic guitar is a formidable combination with “Givers & Takers” showing that, even with the volume turned down and his whisky glass empty, he can turn a few words into a message for us all. That’s the blues, for sure.

Review date:  July 9, 2017

  History Walking by Amy O

History Walking cover art


A manic – but in a good way – example of short sharp shock indie pop from Bloomington’s Amy O with her song “History Walking” staying just ahead of any accusations of musical larceny before taking it to the proverbial bridge.

Review date:  July 9, 2017

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