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    Rise by Cold California

    Aberdeen rock

    “Rise” is a fairly rough demo from Aberdeen band Cold California that stays well within the boundaries of what you would expect of a rock band these days. There is passion in the vocals but a certain lack of inspiration is also evident in the efforts of the rest of the band.

    Review date: Sep 13 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/coldcalifornia

    Case of the Bends by An Old Friend

    Seventies style rock

    “Case of the Bends” is a wholesome and reverential take on the solid seventies rock sound that suggests that An Old Friend are the kind of band that should be living on a tour bus. The riffs are present and correct and Damien Biagioni’s vocals indicate that he is perfectly comfortable wearing the leather trousers.

    Review date: Sep 12 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/anoldfriendband

    Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe

    Pop rivets

    Here’s a surprise – a hybrid of metal and American manufactured pop sensibilities. Swedish band Amaranthe take every cliché in both of the aforementioned musical playbooks, add in a dash of manic humour that ventures close to parody in the alternating male and female vocals and, remarkably, turn “Drop Dead Cynical” into a song that you might actually want to buy.

    Review date: Sep 9 2014
    Website: www.amaranthe.se

    Periphery by Holly Tomàs

    East Lothian electronica

    Melodic Zero 7 style ambient electronic grooving from Holly Tomàs as she takes “Periphery” for a run around the edges of the big city whilst doing some lyrical soul searching. This is the kind of song that seems to work best as the soundtrack to a midnight drive. I like midnight drives.

    Review date: Sep 9 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/hollytomasmusic

    Holy Ground by Polar Bear & King

    Swedish pop

    “Holy Ground” is a mainstream, at least in Swedish terms, and intense pop song that, thanks mainly to the distinctive falsetto vocal, makes just enough sonic impact to make you remember that Polar Bear & King is the name of the band.

    Review date: Sep 9 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/Polarbearandking

    Chorus by Moonbabies

    Smooth Swedish pop

    More smooth yet fluffy electro pop from Sweden as Moonbabies take their song “Chorus” and float it upon the sugar coated clouds of plastic powered perfection. This will be the soundtrack to a car advert without a doubt.

    Review date: Sep 5 2014
    Website: www.moonbabiesmusic.com

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