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    You Pathetic Bastards Are All Scum by Ninja Spice

    Dance floor mania

    You can’t get a better weapon than a bit of manic techno and Ninja Spice uses it to beat the dance floor to death with a psychotic mix of metronomic aggression and nihilistic vocals from somewhere beyond the grave. “You Pathetic Bastards Are All Scum” is the name of the song and I think she means it.

    Review date: Aug 22 2014
    Website: on.fb.me/YK9inw

    Roaring Girlie by Animal Hands

    Grunge with a conscience

    Someone was talking to me about “chick led grunge” the other day and, as if the words themselves were some sort of devilish incantation, Animal Hands then delivered their single “Roaring Girlie” up to the altar for some worship with Danielle Whalebone infusing the lyrics with cigarette smoke and poetry whilst the rest of the band relive the guitar led glories of a misspent youth. The attitude, as you might imagine, is all present and correct.

    Review date: Aug 22 2014
    Website: www.animalhands.net

    All The Money by Elvira Stitt

    Glasgow songbird

    Keyboard heavy as an emotive big ballad should be, “All The Money” provides more than enough evidence of Elvira Stitt’s ability to take her diminutive voice and, through musical prestidigitation, make it fill your heart.

    Review date: Aug 15 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/elvirastittmusic

    This Town's Too Big by Sunken Monkey


    A raucous and rowdy rock threesome from Lancashire, Sunken Money sound like the kind of band that would make an excellent soundtrack to a drunken Friday night and “This Town’s Too Big (For The Both Of Us)” is the proof of the pudding (or, more likely, the sauce on the kebab).

    Review date: Aug 11 2014
    Website: www.sunkenmonkey.co.uk

    Dear Sara by Emma Forman


    A Scottish singer songwriter with a heart? It would appear so and Emma Forman keeps it honest and, most likely personal, throughout the few minutes of acoustic fragility that lead her song “Dear Sara” out into the land of moonlight and things that could have been.

    Review date: Aug 9 2014
    Website: soundcloud.com/emmaforman

    Walk Alone by Lizzie and the Yes Men

    Fine wine

    Melodious, mid paced and obviously mature, “Walk Alone” highlights the deep and meaningful vibe that characterises London’s Lizzie and the Yes Men. The song is perhaps an unwise choice for a single, but makes for a fine album track for, in the final assessment, Lizzie and the Yes Men always were more of a relationship than a one night stand.

    Review date: Aug 7 2014
    Website: www.lizzieandtheyesmen.com

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