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    Love Times Ten by JW Jones

    Red meat

    Robust and honest as the day is long, “Love Times Ten” gives JW Jones the opportunity to blues rock you all the way through Friday night and keep you company all the way into your Saturday morning hangover. A song best served with beer and a burger and plenty of that spicy guitar sauce.

    Review date: Oct 19 2014
    Website: www.jw-jones.com

    Lost In Love by Metro City Riot

    Electro revisionists

    Metro City Riot show plenty of sincerity and succeed in making “Lost In Love” an accurate recreation of those eighties electro pop days when mascara wasn’t just for women and songs actually mattered.

    Review date: Oct 18 2014
    Website: metrocityriot.com

    Honey by Alma

    Class act

    Endearing yet clearly cool as an autumn breeze, Alma’s voice has that kind of fragility and casual timing that bears comparison with Randy Crawford and, with “Honey”, she successfully crosses the lyrical boundary between singer-songwriter and supper club jazz.

    Review date: Oct 18 2014
    Website: www.hearalma.com

    We Are Here by TJ Doyle


    “We Are Here” is the kind of song that you might expect of a singer songwriter wishing to express his sensitivity. Social isolation and group hugs feature in the lyrics yet neither song nor singer actually manage to convince.

    Review date: Oct 18 2014
    Website: tjdoylemusic.com

    Standing On The Edge by Black Nevada

    Respectful rockers

    “Standing On The Edge” provides enough evidence to suggest that Black Nevada are as manly as their muscled indie rock riffs suggest but the song itself does not give singer Jordan Bailey much to do beyond some spirited macho posturing.

    Review date: Oct 18 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/BlackNevada

    Try and Try Again by Sister Helen

    Smart sounds

    Pleasingly complex math rock with art house pretensions is what you get from Brooklyn’s Sister Helen and their song “Try and Try Again” stumbles, fumbles and grumbles yet still makes it to the finishing line with its musical head held high. That’s plenty good enough for me.

    Review date: Oct 11 2014
    Website: on.fb.me/1qGBEW1

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