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    Monday's Guide by Roger Gomez

    Middle of the road

    There will always be musicians out to impress the mainstream and Roger Gomez seems to be one of those people. His single “Monday’s Guide” therefore aims for the middle of the road and gets there without fuss, flair or fanfare.

    Review date: Jul 20 2014
    Website: www.reverbnation.com/rogergomez

    One For My Daddy'O by Udi Levy

    Solid as a rock

    Revving up the engine of talent, Udi Levy races through his rock instrumental called “One For My Daddy’O” with so much fret board fleetness and flair that you will have no option other than to persuade him, by fair means or foul, to join your band.

    Review date: Jul 20 2014
    Website: www.rockguitar-music.com

    This Love by Memory in Plant

    Going deep

    Complex and no doubt proud possessors of unfinished beards, Israeli band Memory in Plant infuse their song “This Love” with a well selected set of musical influences that lift them into the realm between post rock and electronically induced psychedelia. Mind expanding is clearly the way to go.

    Review date: Jul 13 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/MemoryInPlant

    Genius by The Courtesans

    Slick sisters

    More mature and melodramatic pop from The Courtesans as “Genius” holds the stereotyping of women up to the lyrical mirror. It’s a slickly produced and performed song that walks confidently through the shadows even if the cynical amongst you might wonder who is actually being stereotyped here.

    Review date: Jul 12 2014
    Website: www.thecourtesans.co.uk

    Pearly by Et Tu Brucé

    Modern fashions

    “Pearly” harks back to the days when a pop song was a pop song and you can’t blame Et Tu Brucé for reliving the musical pleasures of times past so let’s clap our hands once more for the verse-chorus-verse-chorus and take it to the bridge format and sing along just as we should. I am feeling the love here.

    Review date: Jul 11 2014
    Website: ettubruce.com

    Easy Go by Jamie Flett

    Glasgow star

    There was something about “Easy Go” (by the redoubtable Jamie Flett) that made me think of Eric Clapton round about the time when he was on the smack. Maybe it was the free rolling feel or the implied spiritualism of the lyrics? Maybe, or more likely it was the relaxed attitude to performance that having real talent brings. A very good song either way.

    Review date: Jul 11 2014
    Website: jamieflett.co.uk

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