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Touched EP CD Cover
Touched EP
No catalogue number
Released: 2009

There's a time for some relaxed mellow sounds. Relaxed mellow sounds such as those provided by Glasgow band Strangetouch. Bands like this - I believe they used to be called Hue and Cry - used to exist in quantity but most seem now to have been supplanted by brash indie rockers.

So what we have here is a collection of four songs that are easy on the ear and performed in an honest and indeed earnest manner. While songs like "Just Not There" struggle to convince - singer Thomas McCallum just can't stretch his voice far enough to make that one work - the rest show a nice melodic touch that would fit nicely in with a visit to the pub on a Saturday night.

There are times when I wonder if music in Glasgow has changed for the better. This EP might not travel any new ground but it is likeable and that's not that common these days.


3 carrot rating


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