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    Landmine by Allyson Ezell

    Cool precision

    Balancing the icy precision of the insistently robotic backing track with her deep and intense vocals, Allyson Ezell makes the street and the art house as one with her song “Landmine”. Music for the educated.

    Review date: Nov 26 2014
    Website: www.allysonezell.com

    Wolf Hall by Twin Lakes

    Indie ambition

    It is easy to categorise Twin Lakes as a wholesome and worthy band – for they are – but “Wolf Hall” suggests that they have dramatic motivations that will allow them to scale up and escape the size limitations inherent to indie pop. They are a band that deserves to go large.

    Review date: Nov 25 2014
    Website: twinlakesband.com.au

    Left Right Left by 12KO

    Soul step

    Downright old school in its funkiness, New York’s 12KO have the horns and full on female vocals to make you wish it was 1975 again with “Left, Right Left” being all the proof that you need that soul is where it is at. That’s true now, then and forever.

    Review date: Nov 23 2014
    Website: 12komusic.com

    Stars Fall Down by Ernie Jackson

    Bubbly wubbly

    Ernie Jackson has perfected his manufactured sound with “Stars Fall Down” and undoubtedly what is left of mainstream radio will joyously lap this song up before delivering it on to the hairdressers of the world. In other words, it’s pop music as they used to make it.

    Review date: Nov 21 2014
    Website: erniejackson.co.uk

    Salvation by Milton Star

    Route 92

    With the confidence to once more walk the well-worn path from Scotland to the land of downbeat Americana, Fife’s Milton Star use “Salvation” as their off peak ticket to musical redemption. I’m sure the Fates will smile upon them but the rest is destiny.

    Review date: Nov 21 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/miltonstar

    Treta Yuga by Jibóia


    Mixing robotic indifference with pan European musical influences, Jibóia casts the kind of spell with “Treta Yuga” that makes you question whether your enjoyment of psychedelic substances has reached saturation point but it matters not for the female vocals had you from the start anyway. Hypnotic.

    Review date: Nov 21 2014
    Website: www.facebook.com/abracodejiboia

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