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    Murder Ballad by Vultures


    Sounds more like musclebound indie rock than anything else, “Murder Ballad” nonetheless has more than enough hints at unhealthy pursuits to persuade non-believers that worship of this Sheffield band is worthwhile. Vultures is their name (before you ask).

    Review date:  June 24, 2017


    Crazy Idea by Jessica Lynn


    “Crazy Idea” is the kind of super commercial song that makes the country charts these days with just enough pedal steel on show to turn Jessica Lynn into the pickup truck princess of choice for the next few years.

    Review date:  June 24, 2017


    Beautiful by Tokyo

    Cloud based

    “Beautiful” by Los Angeles band Tokyo may be the kind of song that is light as a summer breeze yet there is something enchanting about these plastic coated escapees from the dancefloor that leads even the cynical towards thoughts of better times.

    Review date:  June 24, 2017


    I’ve Told Lies by Dani Le Rose


    On first acquaintance, you might find yourself ready to dismiss “I’ve Told Lies” as just the product of another white girl trying to squeeze into the confines of the urban genre but Dani Le Rose instead exudes more the scent of the adventurous than the avaricious.

    Review date:  June 17, 2017


    Rise and Fall by Night Drive

    Synth pop

    As decidedly retro as the style gurus of synth pop decree, Night Drive still manage to inject enough emotion into their song “Rise And Fall” to make that late night journey across town in your BMW worthwhile.

    Review date:  June 17, 2017


    Good Little Girls by Katey Morley


    Clearly unafraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, Katey Morley makes much more of a point than most with her song “Good Little Girls”. She’s more than just heart though with some sharp words making their way through the mix to provide the payload for this big bang song.

    Review date:  June 17, 2017


    Empty Drinks by Alexa Dark

    Guitar girl

    Seems like female fronted guitar bands never go out of fashion with Alexa Dark duly keeping the faith all the way through her song “Empty Drinks” while adding just enough street corner charm of her own to keep you interested.

    Review date:  June 12, 2017


    Everybody’s Trying To Steal Your Heart by Fast Romantics


    Robust and curiously old-fashioned, “Everybody’s Trying To Steal Your Heart” is the kind of song that sounds like a song should with a hook, a chorus and enough Springsteen style mojo to lift Fast Romantics right into the attention span of the discerning.

    Review date:  June 9, 2017


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