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  Houses by The Duke Spirit

Houses cover art


The Duke Spirit carry on regardless – and it is also vaguely unsettling to think of them as having been around long enough to be regarded as being part of the “old guard” – with “Houses” nonetheless showing all the hallmarks of musical evolution whilst still being unmistakeably of The Duke Spirit.

Review date:  August 13, 2017

  Where I Belong by Grainne Duffy

Where I Belong cover art


“Where I Belong” shows that Grainne Duffy can do the Americana tinged acoustic thing with the best of them and the song will undoubtedly make her even more festival friendly than she already is.

Review date:  August 13, 2017

  Burn by Glass Hour

Burn cover art

Canadian class

More Canadian class from Glass Hour with “Burn” having the kind the kind of ear friendliness that made for hits and money back in the days when there were hits and money to be made in new music.

Review date:  August 11, 2017

  The Less I Know The Better by The Ghibertins

The Less I Know The Better cover art

Better folk

Wouldn’t you just know that The Ghibertins were from Italy? The PR blurb calls them a folk rock trio but that is like calling an Alfa Romeo just another car. There is more style in “The Less I Know The Better” than any and every folk rock band ever had and, with a jazzy literacy underpinning the song, my ears will await their album with anticipation

Review date:  August 11, 2017

  Slave by Puppet Rebellion

Slave cover art

Indie cool

Pleasingly upbeat, Puppet Rebellion’s song “Slave” may be little more than old school indie rock but you can’t doubt the conviction that this Manchester band bring to the party. Turn the volume up and you might just like this one.

Review date:  August 11, 2017

  We Are Dreamers by Frida Sundemo

We Are Dreamers cover art

Nordic pop

From the seemingly unlimited glaciers of super cool Scandinavian electro pop comes another icily efficient song. “We Are The Dreamers” sets out to be something of an anthem and Frida Sundemo duly leads this exercise in style out into the sunshine.

Review date:  August 11, 2017

  Mischief Managed by CHVNGES

Mischief Managed cover art


The moodiness is in there in spades as CHVNGES track the current media style chart all the way into mediocrity with their song “Mischief Managed” lacking any mischief whatsoever but sounding managed to point of – once again – mediocrity.

Review date:  August 11, 2017

  Lost by Raffaella Piccirillo

Lost cover art


It is a fact that there is no shortage of acoustic singer songwriters but Raffaella Piccirillo manages to distinguish herself with a delightfully accented and somewhat theatrical vocal style and a generally spirited approach to the performance of her song “Lost”

  Dry Bones by Seasonal Beast

Dry Bones cover art


Classy if downbeat, Seasonal Beast make the most of the wistful voice of Yuli Beeri by placing it carefully and ceremoniously on top of their sensitively arranged piano led song “Dry Bones”. Definitely better than the rest.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

  Brutocracy by The Dayz

Brutocracy cover art

Making it

Not sure if this is meant to be satire of the style and times of the late seventies updated for the 21st century but New York’s The Dayz nonetheless ramble successfully through their song “Brutocracy”. It was the time and it is the time and it will be the time.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

  Tremors by Turtle Farm

Tremors cover art


There is something endearing about Turtle Farm’s song “Tremors” even if, like all lo-fi electronica, it sounds as if it should be on the soundtrack to some Italian horror movie from the eighties.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

  Weightless by Anna Tosh

Weightless cover art

Down the line

Nice, if repetitive, slice of power pop from Anna Tosh with “Weightless” just managing to cross the border into the land of the hypnotic whilst still making it look effortless.

Review date:  July 23, 2017

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