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  Electricity in Our Homes

We Thought It Was But It Wasn’t b/w After Many A Summer cover art

Title: We Thought It Was But It Wasn’t b/w After Many A Summer
Catalogue Number: Too Pure 218S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Bluesbunny has always has a fondness for vinyl and indeed believes that all music should be served up on this most wondrous of formats. Then there was this release from London band Electricity in Our Homes.

"We Thought It Was But It Wasn't" has but one redeeming feature - it is short. Everything else went wrong. Annoying non sung vocals, inept changes of rhythm and child like guitar breaks just about succeed in inducing a yawn. On the flipside is "After Many a Summer Dies the Swan" that just repeats the same formula. Mind you, formula would suggest a plan and none is actually evident in either song.

Relentlessly dull and unimaginative, these two tracks sound like what you expect of some kids who got musical instruments from their rich parents so they could express themselves. Only they had nothing to say…

Review Date: July 10, 2008

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