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The Sound of Slow Decay b/w Vincent Price’s Wife is Dead cover art

Title: The Sound of Slow Decay b/w Vincent Price’s Wife is Dead
Catalogue Number: At War With False Noise ATWAR025
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Available as a split release with Mutant Ape, these are two tracks of doom and gloom. Not Morrissey type gloom but that deep darkness of the soul type. "The Sound of Slow Decay" sounds like a metal band slowing themselves right down to set the mood for some medieval style computer game soundtrack. Dungeons and devil worship - something like that. Keeping it company is "Vincent Price's Wife is Dead". Again this song would fit right into a soundtrack, perhaps for a 1970's Italian horror movie. Strange grunts and growls fill in the spaces between the remarkably laid back drums and guitar. Better than it sounds, really.

This was quite an interesting release. Admittedly, this kind of music is not really this reviewer's cup of tea but there was something compelling about it. Dark, twisted but still accessible. It will be a great disappointment if this band turns out to be a bunch of clean living accountants who needed something to do of a weekend.

Review Date: April 4, 2008