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  Coconut Kings

Lost & Thirsty in Palookaville b/w In My Time Of Dying cover art

Title: Lost & Thirsty in Palookaville b/w In My Time Of Dying
Catalogue Number: Off Label Records OLR23
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2013

There’s always a song in my heart and it would seem that the same is the case for the Coconut Kings as they take the musical plane out of their native Switzerland and then time travel back to the post war US of A to revive that solidly grooving r ’n’ b jive ‘til dawn in the downtown Locarno sound.

“Lost & Thirsty in Palookaville” makes for a convincing facsimile of the real thing with neat and tidy syncopation charming your feet into motion. On the other side of this vinyl release however, the traditional song “In My Time Of Dying” gets a rather striking reverb powered reinvention that parks the song right up next to Willie Dixon in the car park of the night people.  If you’re going to visit the past then you should do it in style and the Coconut Kings show that they truly have that style.

Review Date: August 19, 2013

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