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Ette, Call to Mind, The Royal Male and The Moth & The Mirror at The Oran Mor, Glasgow Jun 11, 2016 Read Review ►
Charlotte Marshall & The 45s and FuBB at The Oran Mor, Glasgow Jun 4, 2016 Read Review ►
Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, Rail Fan and Henge at The Oran Mor, Glasgow Jun 3, 2016 Read Review ►
Sonny Marvello, KVASIR and Kevin Harper at Stereo, Glasgow May 26, 2016 Read Review ►
Randolph’s Leap, Woodenbox and the State Broadcasters at St Luke's, Glasgow May 20, 2016 Read Review ►
Lucia Fontainé and Vintage Air at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow May 11, 2016 Read Review ►
Tacocat, Breakfast Muff and Youngstrr Joey at Broadcast, Glasgow May 4, 2016 Read Review ►
Miss Irenie Rose and Harry and The Hendersons at Cottiers, Glasgow Apr 28, 2016 Read Review ►
Gary Johnstone, Catfish Blues and Steel Valley Saints at Blackfriars, Glasgow Apr 16, 2016 Read Review ►
Basia Bulat, The Weather Station and Chrissy Barnacle at Broadcast, Glasgow Apr 15, 2016 Read Review ►
Mike Hastings, Jim Byrne and Alan Frew at Big Sparra Vinyl, Ayr Apr 3, 2016 Read Review ►
Noah Noah, Wolf Ruby and Drive In Cinema at Stereo, Glasgow Mar 30, 2016 Read Review ►
Gabriel Kahane, Louis Abbott and Emily Scott at The Hug and Pint, Glasgow Mar 14, 2016 Read Review ►
Rocky Votolato, Turtle Lamone and Chrissy Barnacle at Audio, Glasgow Mar 5, 2016 Read Review ►
Something Someone, Dirty Diamond and the Gunslinger and Declan Welsh at Broadcast, Glasgow Nov 6, 2015 Read Review ►
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