Demos and Single Songs

  • The Everglows

    Looking backwards

    Well it’s retro but it’s British retro for a change and The Everglows even squeeze a touch of that accursed indie rock as the secret ingredient in their reverential reinvention of that 60’s beat sound. “Until Tomorrow” therefore sounds duly respectful to a time long gone even if the light of success only shines brightly on the vocals of Andrew Smith.

    Review date:  11 Apr 2014

  • Tumfy & The Deecers

    Scottish guitar pop

    A rough and ready take on that ever, or in many cases never, loved edgy Scottish guitar pop sound, “Another Girl I Dropped” is lively enough but lacks the spark of greatness. It’s early days though for Tumfy & The Deecers and there is sufficient evidence here to suggest that they can do better.

    Review date:  11 Apr 2014

  • Gwen and the Good Thing

    That Urban Sound

    More urban sounds from Gwen and The Good Thing and “Heat Wave” is a by the numbers bit of looped until lifeless backbeat topped by Gwenann Taylor’s overdosed on vibrato voice. That said, she doesn’t sound like anyone else doing the rounds and that is actually a good thing in my book.

    Review date:  11 Apr 2014

  • HM Hammarin

    Swedish camp

    What can a man say about HM Hammarin? He goes all theatrical throughout “In Insanity” to such an extent that you are drawn to wonder if you missed the stage show. Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we have found a genuine entertainer.

    Review date:  11 Apr 2014
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